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Extreme Lean

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Almost every diet promotes some sort of weight loss, but most of that weight loss comes in the form of lean muscle or water. Losing lean muscle is undesirable because that hinders your body from acheiving desired shape and curves. As for water loss, it futuile and only temporary; the weight comes back immediately after the regiment is over. Extreme Lean was specifically designed to burn body fat, in a way that hte weight you lose is primarily not lean muscle or water weight.

How Extreme Lean Fat Burner Works

Weight loss research on Extreme Lean has discovered a number of plant herbs and extracts that rapidly accelerate the metabolism. Since metabolism is a key factor in controlling weight, increasing metabolism will lead to weight loss. Extreme Lean combines the best of these plant herbs and extracts into a formula that is one of the safest and most natural weight loss supplements to ever exist.

How it leads to Weight Loss

Several studies have proven Extreme Lean to burn away pounds of body fat without necessarily dieting or exercise, by increasing metabolism to burn calories and increase the speed of weight loss. In other words, lose body fat, not lean muscle or water.

Benefits of Extreme Lean

Extreme Lean has many benefits with the most obvious being that it is made of 100% pure plant herbs and extracts, with absolutely no side effects. Unlike other fat burners, Extreme Lean does not have any powerful stimulants, so you can effectively enjoy weight loss benefits without worrying about side effects. Extreme Lean is: Extremely safe yet effective and does not rely on exercise to lose weight.

Recommended Usage

For best results, Extreme Lean should be taken with Fat Ignite. These two supplements will create a powerful synergistic effect when combined.

The Formula

Extreme Lean is a calibrated combination of:

COLEUS FORSKOHLI: Burns fatty acids from adipose tissue (body fat), forcing your body to burn fat for a source of energy SYNEPHRINE: Stimulates the Adrenalin System in order to increase the body's metabolic rate, thus burning increased calories GUGGULIPIDS: Brings thyroid production to the most optimal levels
GREEN TEA EXTRACT: A powerful Anti-oxidant that stimulates fat loss by speeding up metabolism
CHROMIUM PICOLINATE: Prevents the body from storing excess fat
L-CARNITINE: Forces the body to burn fat as a source of energy
VITAMIN B5: Increases energy levels and improves intake of nutrients using a combination of these ingredients, you can achieve the highest degree of fat loss possible.

Our Guarantee to you: Extreme Lean is guaranteed to burn unwanted body fat--or get your money back!

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