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Muscle Building & Fat Burner Supplement - HMBHMB Muscle Growth Supplement
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HMB Muscle Growth Supplement

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HMB Muscle Growth Supplement

Our HMB muscle growth supplemetns are the only product of it's kind proven to increase the body's ability to burn fat, in conjunction with the benefits of exercise. According to medical research, those who have begun using HMB supplements have shown an amplified ratio of ability and strength by approximately 300% compared to nonusers.

What are HMB Muscle Growth Supplements

HMB, or Hydroxy-Methylbutyrate, is proven to amplify the body's production ratio of lean body mass while at the same time decreasing overall body fat. According to clinical studies, those using HMB muscle building supplements increased twice their body mass in an astounding amount of time. In addition, HMB supplement users have shown proven results of a major reduction in unwanted body fat.

What do HMB Supplements Provide

HMB supplements continues to be an integral component in the production of muscle tissue. The product works to inhibit the catabolism of the number of major muscle proteins throughout the course of traumatic events, specifically exercise. When implementing HMB your body will prevent the overall breakdown of muscle while amplifying tissue repair after exercise. HMB supplements will aid the prevention of Proteolysis, which is the process of breaking down muscle tissue during and after exercise.

Benefits HMB Muscle Building Supplements

  • Amplified Lean Body Mass
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Decreased Muscle Catabolism (Muscle Breakdown)
  • Rejuvenated Muscle Recovery and Repair
  • Lowered Blood Cholesterol Levels

HMB Nutrition Facts

180 Capsules - Double Strength!
PER CAPSULE: 500 mg Pure HMB (Hydroxy-Methylbutyrate)

We guarantee our HMB: Global-Supplements works hard to obtain HMB supplements in large quantities that originates solely from the manufacturer, so can ensure you the highest quality product at the absolute lowest prices. HMB supplements are proven to dramatically amplify your lean muscle mass while also working to decrease your body fat. ORDER NOW!!


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