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Alpha GPC - Human Growth Hormone (HGH)Alpha-GPC
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One of the most significant benefits Global-Supplements, Alpha-GPC, offers is the promise to amplify Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which provides overwhelming anti-aging benefits to the body. Eventually, the levels of hormone production in the body decrease and lead to the majority of the physiological problems that are linked to aging. Research proves that rejuvenating the HGH levels of production in the body lead to significantly reducing the overall aging cycle.

What Alpha-GPC: Alpha-GPC, an organic metabolite of phosphatidylcholine, plays a vital role in all cell membranes.

What Does Alpha GPC Do: Alpha-GPC works as a neurotransmitter in the brain and is responsible for amplifying the overall production number of growth factor receptors, making way for increased health and brain function. Alpha-GPC will decrease the obvious signs of aging. In rejuvenating HGH levels in the body, your overall functioning will increase, and all users, younger participants included, will notice a dramatic difference in their appearance. Additionally, after incorporating this supplement, athletes and trainers report an increase in lean muscle, with a decrease in overall body fat.

The Advantages Of Alpha-GPC To Your Body Are:
  • Rejuvenated Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production
  • Amplified Memory, Attention, and Cognitive Performance
  • Improved Strength from Workouts and Athletic Training
  • Maintained Ratio of Nerve Transmissions in Brain and Muscle Tissue
  • Strengthened Dopamine Production
  • Decreased Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Our Recommendation: For optimal results, Global-Supplements, Alpha-GPC should be taken in conjunction with Mucuna Pruriens. These two products offer a synergistic effect when taken together, and yield even better results!

Alpha GPC Nutrition Facts:
60 capsules
Per capsule: 250 mg pure Alpha Glycerophosphorylcholine

We Guarantee Our Alpha GPC: Global-Supplements works hard to obtain Alpha-GPC in mass quantities from the manufacturer, so we get the absolute highest quality at the lowest prices. As always, we pass the savings on to you, thus enabling you to purchase Alpha-GPC at record low prices.
Alpha-GPC is proven to amplify your Human Growth Hormone levels and strengthen brain functioning! Guaranteed -- or get your money back!!

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